Helping Indigenous Children and Families Across the Globe

Native Guardian is a non-profit organization that helps improve the quality life of indigenous people across the globe. The truth of the matter is native people of the world have become not just the most neglected, but the most damaged and abused people in earth’s history. Native people have been forcibly stripped of their lands, culture, heritage, and languages. Native people across the globe are still suffering from the harmful effects of the extreme cruelty that has take place over the centuries by European and American expansion. Many indigenous races, cultures, and languages have become extinct or are on the brink of extinction due to the negative consequences of this expansion. Native people of the world have become a forgotten memory in time and things of legend, but the goal of Native Guardian is not to let this be a memory anymore and to make all indigenous races and cultures a thriving, flourishing and prospering community once again upon this earth as fellow human beings and as equal citizens.

Please help us in this heroic effort to improve the life of your fellow man. Native Guardian understands that mankind forms an intertwining network. What happens to one of us will affect the other. You must understand this. Come help us in this great effort and become a Native Guardian today!